"There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about."

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"Love her, love her, love her! If she favours you, love her. If she wounds you, love her. If she tears your heart to pieces – and as it gets older and stronger, it will tear deeper – love her, love her, love her!"

- Great Expectations, Charles Dickens

I know what sadness is

I am aware of what pain entails

The problem is, I don’t find it hurtful

I can’t cry, even if I wanted to

Is this what other people term stoicism?

When nothing in the world can hurt me

(even when I’m supposed to be hurt by you)

What the fuck have I become?


Come. Die with me.

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randominity: things that terrify me:


  • a woman pursuing a man who is not interested is ‘creepy’ or ‘crazy’. she deserves scorn and should be laughed at. if this woman is considered less attractive than the man, the man will be pitied.

compared to

  • a man pursuing a woman who has said no, gives her gifts…
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"You, the attached man, must deal with exorbitant restaurant menus, overpriced stalks of roses and the critical, sweeping eye of your significant other as she surveys other couples, mentally comparing her night with the others around her. That’s if you can snag a reservation in the restaurant of your choice in the first place. If you’re reading this and still haven’t booked a table in the best eateries in town, I’m afraid you might have to settle for oyster omelette from your friendly neighbourhood uncle, not that that’s a terrible option but your significant other is not likely to take it that way."


“The Plight of the Attached Man on Valentine’s Day”

I don’t really identify with Poached Magazine half the time just because I feel like it’s directed a totally different species to me but this article just makes me want to stick a big fat sticker all over it that says “TW: Gross Heteronormative Generalisations”

“Happy Valentine’s Day, and to all the attached women out there, please acknowledge the efforts of your significant others in making the day as special as it could be. Wear something red and lacy inside. That’s the best present you can give him.”

Icky icky ew ew NOPE

This has nice guy syndrome all over it. Also I think the word ‘plight’ is pushing it a bit (as in a lot)

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pronunciation | ‘a-ter-“mwa-men